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To the casual observer, Bible quizzing is a sport in which three teams match knowledge, jumping speed, memory, and quickness of response against one another on a designated portion of Scripture. But it is actually so much more!  Quizzing has changed the life of so many teens from across the world.  From the districts in the United States and Canada, to the quizzing districts in the Dominica Republic and Jordan, Bible Quizzing has and continues to be a fantastic ministry that claims God’s promise that “No word of God will return empty.”  That truth has held true for thousands of years, and will do so for thousands more!


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Quizzing offers so much more than just competition and sport. The program involves memorizing a specific book or books of the Bible for each quiz year. By becoming involved in memorization, young people develop a love and respect for the Bible, the Word is planted in their hearts and dynamically influences them. Through this teamwork, Bible quizzing helps young people develop a genuine concern for others. Quizzers learn to rely upon the Lord and not upon themselves to attain their goals. Quizzing also gives a biblical perspective for everyday life and helps in the application of scriptural principles.


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