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In Pursuit of God through Bible Quizzing.

Bible Quizzing is a competitive activity that challenges participants to display their knowledge and understanding of the Bible through engaging in rapid-fire question-and-answer sessions. Participants typically form teams and engage in friendly competitions that test their grasp of scripture, fostering an environment of camaraderie and spiritual growth. This interactive process encourages active engagement with the Bible, promoting scripture memorization, and providing a platform for individuals to deepen their understanding of biblical teachings. Ultimately, Bible Quizzing serves as a dynamic tool for promoting a deeper connection to the Word and fostering a sense of community among participants.

Our Mission

Be in God’s Word

At our core, we are committed to nurturing a deep and abiding love for the Word of God among our participants. Through fostering an environment of collaborative learning and friendly competition, we seek to promote spiritual growth and character development. Our mission is to encourage the practice of scripture memorization and instill the values of integrity, excellence, and teamwork, aiming to equip individuals with a strong foundation of biblical knowledge and a lifelong commitment to faith.

Our Purpose

Equip Youth with Cornerstones

Bible Quizzing serves as a powerful tool for equipping our youth by fostering a strong foundation in biblical knowledge, enabling them to navigate life’s challenges through the lens of faith. Encouraging active engagement with scripture, instills in them a deep understanding of moral principles and values, guiding them toward making informed and ethical decisions. Through collaborative learning and friendly competition, it cultivates teamwork, leadership skills, and critical thinking, empowering them to become compassionate and responsible members of their communities. Ultimately, it provides a supportive environment where youth can develop a lasting and personal relationship with the Bible, fostering spiritual growth and a sense of purpose in their lives.

Our Values

Bible Quizzing for All Youth


Embracing the power of scripture through dedicated memorization for spiritual nourishment and understanding.


Fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where teams unite to deepen their understanding of the Bible.


Nurturing personal and spiritual development through continuous engagement with the Word, leading to transformative growth.


Upholding unwavering honesty and moral principles as we delve into the depths of biblical knowledge and understanding.


Pursuing a standard of excellence in both knowledge and character, striving to honor the teachings of the Bible.


Demonstrating unwavering dedication to the study of scripture, fostering a lasting commitment to spiritual enrichment and understanding.

Our Leaders

District Coordinator

Nicolas Furlan

District Committee

Jenniffer Buitenwerf
Jacques Farley
Christina Leung

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