Already have a cellphone? Tired of Starbucks gift cards? Don’t need another scarf or hoodie? How about asking for a gift from the Alliance Justice Compassion Gift Catalogue?


You Can Buy the whole cow! buy a cow

Sun Compassion, Costa Rica – Buy a Calf A donation of $350 will provide many years of milk, cheese and income for future schooling.




Love Babies? baby formula

Guinea Rescue Centre – Baby Formula $100 will provide a newborn with nutrient-rich formula for a month.


Planning on being a doctor someday?  How about some medical instruments?

medical instruments

Sandbox Medical — Medical Instruments – Your gift of $50 will provide funds to purchase much-needed small medical instruments, such as artery forceps or clamps to properly equip operating rooms.



Passionate about rescuing girls from sex-trafficking?


Tricked, Trafficked, Treasured – Your gift of $50 will contribute to the freedom of those trapped in the sex trade as they enter a healing program that offers new skills and knowledge, which will move them towards a hope-filled future.



Passionate about helping persecuted Christians?

persecuted christians

Human Rights and Emergency Fund – Assistance for Persecuted Christians – Your contribution will help to provide financial support for persecuted Christians in crisis. Funds will be used to assist with relocation, legal costs and emergency medical care (like hospitalization and medicine).

Hate Mosquitos? – How about a family-sized mosquito net?

mosquito net

Sustainable Village Health – Medicated Family Sized Mosquito Net – Your gift of $25.00 will provide a family with protection against malaria.



There are lots of ideas to add to your Christmas Wish List in the Alliance Justice and Compassion Gift Catalogue this year!


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