All-Star Quiz Meet 2016!

Saturday April 16th 10am – 4pm

Cedarview Alliance Church

$5 for lunch (or bring your own)

Any quizzer currently ranked in the Top 50 Quizzer Standings For the Year as of March 5, 2016

Is invited to spend the day quizzing ‘international quiz-off’ style.  Quizzers are invited whether they have been to internationals before, or have not, or hope to, or not sure if they would ever want to, but interested in learning how it works.  Quizzers who are unable or are not planning on attending Internationals this year, but are ranked in the Top 50, are still welcome to spend the day quizzing with us. Coaches are welcome to attend to go over and practice coaching and scoring for the International Quiz-offs.

We would love to have quizzers from Toronto area churches attend, but they would need to arrange their own travel and accommodation.  Interested quizzers from outside the Ottawa area can contact Gail Law for possible assistance.

If you are interested in attending, please email Mrs. Law at



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