Galatians Ephesians Philippians and Colossians

affectionately known as Go Eat Pop Corn

Met - popcorn
Also known as everyone’s favourite year in quizzing.

Here is a look at the upcoming year in Quizzing.

  • November 7th at Cedarview! (Galatians 1-6)
  • January 9th at Maranatha Bible Church in Belleville.  (Ephesians 1-5)
  • March 5th at Toronto location to be confirmed (Ephesians 6; Philippians 1-3)
  • April 29-May1 at Joy  Bible Camp (Bancroft) (Philippians 4; Colossians 1-4)

Quiz Meet Schedule for 2015-2016

Invitationals and other tournaments for 2015-2016

Key Verse List for GEPC

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