International Quiz Meet Eligibility & Committment

Internationals 2016 Location and Date

  • DATES: July 19-24, 2016
  • LOCATION: The Red Lion, Spokane, Washington

MAY 2016 International Quiz-Offs

ECD will be sending ONE team to Internationals this year. Eligibility and Quiz-offs will proceed in the same way.

Please take a look at your quizzer stats on the website at this point in the year and if you are within the top 30 placements, please review the criteria for going to Internationals in July.

Determining Eligibility

 The first thing for the 2016 quiz-offs is that the quizzer must be born in 2003 or earlier. Quizzers born in 2004 or later are not eligible by International rules. Besides age, there are two requirements:

  • Standings – the quizzers standings for the year, after morning quizzing at Joy beginning with 1st place, up to 24 people
  • Yearly average – must be above 50%
  • Memorized full-material throughout the year       (+/- 100 verses). A coach or leader should be able to confirm on behalf of the quizzer.

At noon after the morning quizzing at Joy Bible Camp, we will go down the rankings, and starting with the 1st place quizzer we will ask each one of those above the 50% yearly average if they would like to quiz to go to Internationals. We will stop when we have reached 24 quizzers. Those who participate in the quiz-offs will be committed to going to Internationals. . If some of the top 24 choose not to go, we will consider quizzers in positions 24+ only if their total points for the year are a minimum of 50. This may result in less than 24 quizzers in the quiz-off.

A few changes to the Quiz-offs as of May 2015

  1. The second round of the international quiz-off will feature two quizzes that begin with a ‘weighted’ score of 35%’ instead of a ‘zeroed score’.  The number of quizzes in the quiz offs will remain the same.
  2. In the international quiz-off, quotes and finish the verses can be drawn from anywhere in the studied material (with due respect to the guidelines outlined in the rule book).
  3. Quizzer of the year will be awarded independently of the international quiz-off.

International Quizzer Commitment

The quizzers must agree to the following:

  • go to the Internationals Tournament
  • review all the verses (the entire year’s material) at least once a week
  • attend most weekly and 2 group practices
  • learn assigned specialty questions (we will try to accommodate quizzer’s choice)
  • review 1 hour per day while at Internationals