Responsibilities of a Captain

Prior to a quiz meet:

  • Be a role-model for other quizzers by completing each deadline on time and saying review each week!
  • Be a role-model by being a student of God’s Word by meditating on His Word & trying to put His Word into action
  • Connect with each teammate weekly to be sure their deadlines are current, provide help if needed and encouragement
  • Build relationships with teammates, showing an interest in their lives and prayer needs
  • If a team ‘costume’ is going to be used, to decide on this & prepare well in advance

At a quiz meet:

  • The priority is to make this a FUN experience for all!
  • Rookie quizzers will especially need help in understanding procedures, being encouraged to participate, and in being introduced to others
  • Be a role-model by quizzing to the best of your ability, staying focused, challenging to defend your teammates whenever necessary, and at all times, maintaining a positive and encouraging attitude

At all times:

  • Be respectful of those in authority over you, whether it be your coach, any adult that gives of their time to listen to deadlines at practice, and the quizzing officials
  • Show humility in your interactions with others


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