Tips for Making Challenges

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Tips for Making Challenges and Responding to Challenges


  1. When can you challenge? 
  • immediately after the quizmaster’s ruling & before the next question is called;
  • if it is question #20, before anyone has left the platform
  • anytime you feel the QM has ruled incorrectly, or proper procedure has not been followed eg. significant mispronunciation or word mix up by the QM, FTV type question where the first 5 words are not unique
  • when you know that the quizzer has gone out of context & the QM did not pick that up.  Note:  be specific and state where the quizzer went
  • NOTE: you cannot “re-challenge”, ie. challenge the ruling on a challenge


  1. Who can challenge?
  • ONLY the acting team captain and ONLY if there has been NO communication, verbal or otherwise, from teammates or coaches


  1. How should you challenge?
  • with great respect and humility!!
  • remember that the officials are truly attempting to make a correct ruling on every question, and if you have some light to shed on a particular decision, do so respectfully
  • a “challenge to defend” is always better accepted than a “challenge to attack”


  1. When not to challenge?
  • when it will not affect the outcome of the quiz, and especially if it involves a sensitive or rookie quizzer
  • if there is a mean-spirited intent
  • simply to tell the QM that they gave no prompts or incorrect prompts