Internationals Results 2014

ECD took advantage of the fact that the Internationals Meet was being held in the Toronto area – at Jacksons Point Conference Centre, Sutton, ON. This allowed us to give Internationals experience to more quizzers and train up 3 new coaches with Internationals experience.


Katie Gregoire was 6th top quizzer
And our ECD 2 team were the Consolation A champions (10th place overall)
ECD 1 placed 12th overall
ECD3 placed 14th overall

ECD1 – Nic Crowe, Jordan Panainte, Nicole Carpenter, Samuel Crowe, Alain Bercier (Coaches Logan Miller, Amy Konrad)
ECD2 – Katie Gregoire, Daniel Barrows, Lilin Tong, Katerina Kouloufakos and YiFei Tao (Coaches Evelyn Lemoine, Heather Lee)
ECD3 – Nathan Rudd, Genessa Panainte, Kiersten McLeod, Kaitlin Law, Robyn Carpenter (Coaches Jacques and Phyllis Farley)

Horsing around