How many verses do I have to memorize?

The number of verses required for weekly memorization varies between local church programs.  Many churches have quizzers learn 10 verses per week, others allow rookies (or quizzers in their first year of quizzing, no matter what age) to start with learning just 5 verses per week. Some quizzers choose to learn the full material. Every quizzer should be familiar with the whole chapter or passage and be able to answer interrogative questions on the whole passage.

How do I recite my verses?

This will depend on how the program is run at the individual church level. Some churches have Listeners (adults, parents, coaches etc.) who will listen to a quizzer recite their verses in private. The quizzer should be able to recite their whole Deadline (the assigned 5 or 10 verses for that week), including the chapter and verse references for each verse.

What happens at Quizzing practice?

A typical quizzing practice might include:

  • Reciting your deadline to a Listener
  • 10-15 minute group Bible study on the passage learned
  • Practice quizzing in which teams compete. Practice quizzes will include questions from the past week’s deadline plus questions from the year to that point in time.

What kind of Questions are there?

There are different kinds of questions:

INT (Interrogative or Regular)

INT Who is the radiance of God’s glory?
A. The Son (H1:3) **

MA (Multiple Answer)

MA God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets how?
A. At many times and in various ways (H1:1) **

FTV (Finish the Verse)

FTV And again, when God brings …
A. … his firstborn into the world, he says, “Let all God’s angels worship him.” (H1:6)

CR, CVR, CVRMA (Reference Questions)

CR According to Hebrews chapter 1, You will what?
A. Roll them up like a robe (H1:12) **

QT (Quote)

QT Quote Hebrews chapter 1: verse 14.
A. Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? (H1:14)

SIT (Situation) – Only In Gospels & Acts Years

SIT Who said it and how? “Out of Egypt I called my son.”?
“The Lord had said through the prophet” (M2:15)

What is a Quiz Meet?

Four times a year, the churches in our district will gather together at a Quiz meet to compete against quizzing teams from other churches. In our district, we typically host quiz meets in Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto and Bancroft.

The last quiz meet of the year is at Joy Bible Camp. The quiz meets are a full day of fun and competition and meeting quizzers from other churches. Both teams and individuals compete for placing in the district.


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